Ways to Recover from an Intense Fit Factory Fitness Workout

Fit Factory Fitness offers programs that are unlike any other fitness studio in Toronto. When our clients step into our gym, they can expect a motivating and intense workout that pushes them to their limits. But while our workout courses can bring satisfaction and life-changing results, they can also leave our clients a little sore after our more intense sessions. We recommend our members choose from a number of healthy and effective ways to cool down after an intense workout. But what are some of these ways to cool down? We’ve listed a few you can choose from.
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What are HIIT Classes at Fit Factory Fitness?

At Fit Factory Fitness, HIIT is our bread and butter: it’s what makes us what we are, and what keeps our students coming back to our classes. High-Intensity Interval Training isn’t something that anyone should get into lightly – especially at FFF. One question we often get from first-timers with us is how exactly can they keep up with HIIT, or what exactly makes our HIIT so effective. And given that HIIT can be so easily misunderstood, we’d thought we’d clear things up via a peek into what goes inside FFF’s HIIT classes.
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