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"Honestly, one of the best decisions I have taken so far. This is by no means a regular gym, it will push you to reach your best and at the end of every class, you do feel great after an intense hour. The trainers are very knowledgeable and create interesting workouts every single class so you don't get bored and everyone attending these classes also motivates you to do your best."

Sapnil Mohanty

"Overall experience is exceptional! Beautiful facility, each trainer looks like a real life titan - GORGEOUS inside and out! The trainers' personalities and bodies are inspirational and a true testament to what you can be. You also get a strong sense of community as everyone is treated like family, however every class is challenging, and will push your limits (your body will thank you)! Best gym in Toronto!!!!"

 Neelam Patel

"Best motivating kickass gym experience that will push your limits and turn you into a machine ?? trainers motivate you to do what you think is the impossible and make the impossible possible. Be prepared to be drenched in sweat and high from endorphins afterwards."

Natasha Schiemann

"I've been with FFF for over 18 months now and I can't imagine going anywhere else for a workout. Every time I leave a class I feel fantastic knowing that I have pushed to give 100% every time. During my time here I have lost weight and am becoming leaner and physically stronger, moreover it's taught me about mental toughness and mind over matter. Another element I love is the camarderie of everyone who attends - we're all there to work as hard as possible and everyone from the instructors to the participants motivate you to push yourself to your limits. I love it!"

Jennifer Riddell

"I have been working out 3-4 days a week at Fit Factory Fitness since October 2012 and I can honestly say that it is the best workout/gym experience out there! I have belonged to other gyms in the past but no one will push you as hard as these guys. The trainers at FFF are very dedicated and committed to each and every person in their classes. Five gold stars for Fit Factory Fitness!!!"

Carla Karpel

"Amazing, went from 23% body fat to 11% in 60 days which they measure and benchmark/set goals. Incredible staff, they work you but nothing to the degree of the rumors of them yelling at you. Excellent programs ranging from bootcamp to strength class. I'm now 4.8% body fat after 12 months. It's simple, just go, the results will come."

David J

"I LOVE THESE GUYS! Honestly, the best workouts I have ever had. I love that every class is different, you are challenged at every class to do things you never thought you would do and you can see your progress the more you go. It is very addictive. Fit Factory Fitness has changed my life! I highly recommend and encourage you to go. You will not be disappointed. Commit, Focus and Never Give Up! You CAN do it! Uh Rah!!"

Summer-Lee Clark

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