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Fit Factory Fitness Client Results | 2014 Makeover Winners

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“What I like about Fit Factory the most is that none of the instructors ever tell me to do an exercise to make my butt look better or to trim my thighs, their focus is on building strength, both mental and physical. I am a competitive person so I find Roshanda’s classes where she challenges you to complete certain exercises in an amount of time extremely motivating. The times that I feel like I can’t possibly continue, the instructors are right there calling you by name, telling you not to give up. I sometimes wonder if Roshanda says my name in her sleep, I hope she knows that her effort is truly appreciated. If I were in training in a gym alone, I wouldn’t push myself half as hard as the instructors push me and it has been great for my confidence to see what I’m actually capable of doing. I am now a regular fixture at The O Course that I was first terrified to try. I spent this summer running obstacle mud races with the many friends that I’ve met at Fit Factory and I even trekked to Everest Basecamp! My second favorite thing about Fit Factory is that they believe in giving back to the community. This is something that I also believe in and am grateful that they have allowed me to support numerous causes while doing what I was going to do anyway: go to boot camp.

Lately people have been telling me how great that I look and I didn’t know why considering the scale hasn’t budged all that much. It wasn’t until I started looking for a “before” shot that I realized that there has been a big change in my body. My focus has been on getting strong enough to pull myself up over a wall, and have enough endurance to run a half marathon. When it’s nice outside, I don’t immediately think of beers on a patio, I think of how fun it will be to be outside sweating and laughing in class. When I’ve had a hard day, I can’t wait to work off my bad mood. I actually can no longer imagine my life without Fit Factory and I am thankful to the instructors, the staff, and the members for what they have brought to my life.”

- Stephanie K.

“Growing up I was always the “bigger girl” in the crowd.  I was very active and played a lot of sports but did not hold myself accountable for what I ate and during the off season I did not maintain any physical activity.  Once I hit college and was not playing high school sports the weight caught up with me.  I studied hard and didn’t focus on working out.  When I graduated I was the heaviest I had ever been almost topping the scale at 200 lbs.  I moved to Toronto for work in 2011 and decided it was time I needed to regain control of my weight.  I joined Goodlife and did the group classes but it wasn’t enough.  They didn’t push me.  If I didn’t feel like lifting heavy that day I didn’t and no one would say a word.  I felt like a stranger in the back row just going through the motions for the one hour class and then that was it.

In 2012, my friend told me about Tough Mudder and I was intrigued. I decided to set this as a goal for myself and began training on my own.  That August I completed my first ever Tough Mudder and felt great.  I had lost some weight and was motivated to keep going.  At work one day my good friend told me about a Groupon she had found for a gym downtown.  So I decided to join!  It was the 30 for 30 at Fit Factory and I was terrified my first class.  It was Wednesday night boxing with Tony and I didn’t have gloves or wraps.  He made me stand at the front of the class high knee running with a pair of 5 lb dumbbells above my head yelling, “You won’t forget your gloves again after this!”

After my 30 days I was hooked!  The energy that you feel in the classes from the instructors and the other members, it never quits and pushes you past your limits.  I no longer feel like a stranger in the room.  Tony, Geoff and Roshanda took the time to learn my name and yell it out frequently in class to remind me “never stop, keep pushing.”   Their high energy and encouragement is truly motivating and is the reason I keep going.  I want to personally thank the three of you for providing me with this opportunity and for believing in me.  I have been a member just over a year now and my drive and motivation are not failing.  I look forward to going to class every day and am sad when I can’t make it.  The combination of cardio and weight training has pushed me to new limits I never thought I would reach.  I have successfully lost over 30 lbs and have built up muscle.  I feel fantastic and am ready to push harder.   When I started this journey my friend told me, “This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”  They were right!  I can never go back to where I was, I refuse!  I am in the best shape of my life and have no plans on letting up! 

I also want to thank Tracy, Ian and Ivan and all the other new staff that have recently joined the FFF team.  You are all so welcoming and I look forward to your big smiles each and every class.  You are there to answer my questions and concerns and show you care.  I appreciate everything you do!  It truly is a Fit Factory Family and I am honoured to be a part of it.”

- Heather

"As I sit here eating breakfast I reflect back on my journey and I am grateful. I am grateful to Tony and Ivan at Fit Factory Fitness. 3 years ago I started going to Fit Factory after years of Goodlife didn't do anything...Fit Factory took me to the next level, and the level after that. Pushing me and motivating me to painful and uncomfortable levels of my body in order to progress. Without the training at Fit Factory, I would've never in my life, thought it would be possible to run a marathon. On top of that, I ran the marathon with 1 week of training (3 times to be exact). But it was because of the physical shape that the FFF crew put me in, that I knew it was possible.

Thank you Tony, Ivan and the whole FFF crew. I am in the best shape in my life at age 43 and I don't plan on stopping!!!”

- Herb Lau

September 2014 Makeover of the Month

"Growing up I was very athletic and involved in a variety of competitive sports. I also graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education. I had the knowledge and motivation to participate in physical activity and make healthy choices. However, once moving to Toronto and focusing on my career I simply got lazy. I ate out a lot and spent my evenings in front of the T.V., avoiding exercise and the activities that used to bring me so much pleasure and satisfaction. I quickly became self conscious and reached a new number on the scale that I was embarrassed was my own.

After failing to run a small 5km and no longer being able to fit into my own clothes I decided enough was enough. I slowly started to exercise again and joined a girl’s fitness boot camp. I was happy with myself but upset that I wasn't reaching my goals and seeing the results I was hoping for.

I found Fit Factory online and although terrified by the videos I was intrigued by the workout. I signed up for the 30 for 30 and am now a regular and committed member for about a year and a half. The first few classes were difficult and at times, I thought I wouldn't return. However, I am in the best shape of my life and am now training for a half marathon - something I never thought possible. Fit Factory changed my life; I work out now because I want to, not because I feel like I have to. The instructors are awesome and push me to new limits every class. Without Fit Factory I would be 20lbs heavier, enjoying some Indian takeout on my couch!"

- Michele G.

August 2014 Makeover of the Month

“I started at Fit Factory on a 10-class pass with my best friend (who I owe a Thank You to for having submitted me for this) to try something new and to motivate myself after being out of activities for a number of months due to injury.

Initially, I would try and hide in the back (it doesn't work, the trainers see everything!) in hopes of no one noticing me struggle or dropping that plank. Fast forward a year and a half later, and I have to say that joining FFF was one of the best decisions I could have made! The classes offer a combination of strength and conditioning training that continually challenge me to reach new fitness levels that I never thought were possible. I come to the gym now striving to improve and look forward to participating in The O Course and other obstacle course races that push you past your limits and most importantly create an awesome team environment. Going to the gym is not something that I feel I have to do; it is something that I want to do!

I would like to say a huge Thank You to Tony, Geoff, and Roshanda! Your enthusiasm and dedication have created an environment that is highly motivational and rewarding for your clients. I have learned so much from all of you and thank you for continually encouraging me to improve and defy my own expectations!

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff and members at FFF. I have met some wonderful friends at FF and The O Course that make training a fun experience. Whether it is in class or running a race we encourage and push each other to the end and have a great time while doing it!  A true team dynamic has been created at FF and I am so glad to be a part of it!” 

- Diana G.

July 2014 Makeover of the Month

"I have to say that you guys saved my life, I was down in a hole with depression, eating bad food and drinking lots of wine! After being here, my way of seeing life is completely different! I love getting up at 5:45 am to get ready for class. I love eating clean and feeling great. I love boot camp, it is a real workout for me! Thank you again."

- Geysel M.

June 2014 Makeover of the Month

“It all started with a 2 minute video a friend showed me.  After watching it I remember looking at him and saying “Are you fuc*ing insane?!? This sh#t is way too hardcore!” The video I’m referring to was a montage of an O Course training session.  Little did I know then how much that video would shape my immediate future.

I was lifting weights for about a year or so when I eventually became disenchanted and unmotivated.  Feeling as though I plateaued, I felt I needed a shot of life in my quest for a healthy/fitness lifestyle. I remembered the O Course video I watched and I went on the FFF website.  Much like everyone else, I found the $30 for 30 days offer and decided it was time for a change.  I joined and in a matter of a few weeks I became hooked, addicted and motivated once again! 

Since working out at FFF, my strength, endurance and overall mental toughness have reached heights I only dreamed of.  They have truly contributed to a dramatic change in my life and because of them, I am now seeing and feeling the changes I have always strived for. Gone are the days of boring and monotonous workouts! Now I feel excited and enthusiastic about class and I feel genuinely depressed at the prospect of even missing a day.

To the hard working and dedicated instructors - Tony, Geoff and Roshanda, thank you!  Your love and commitment for your job is unmatched and clearly evident by your super organized and detail oriented workouts.  They are always so challenging, unique and inspiring and you never allow us to settle for mediocrity.  You constantly push us through our perceived/imaginary limits and help us realize a potential we never felt possible. “Work like a beast to look like a beauty!!” (right, Ro :))

To the brothers, Ivan and Ian, you weren't kidding when you said, “welcome to the family”.  You have created such a wonderful and friendly environment for all to feel welcome.

To the lovely FFF ladies Merissa, Tracy and Steph; your warm smiles, charm and wonderful personalities make us feel right at home upon our arrival.

To everyone else please remember, “It never gets easy.  You just get better”.  Hard work does pays off but it all starts with you and a willingness to break down your imaginary wall of what you think you are capable of.  Strive for self-progression and remember to keep moving forward.  Do so and I promise you will be rewarded, both physically and mentally.”

- Roberto C.

May 2014 Makeover of the Month

"I used to be really active when I was at university. When I moved here and started working I stopped everything for a bit. 4 years ago I started working out again by doing Muay Thai. I loved it and practiced that martial art for 2 years. At the end it was taking lots of my time so I decided to try something else that would give me the time to see my friends and do other things. I wanted to find a gym that would give me the possibility to train in the morning before work and in the afternoon after work and that would give an intense training where I can really push myself.
I decided to try Fit Factory Fitness. The class schedule was great and the training was fun so I decided to stay.

I've been with fit factory for 2 years now. The instructors are building challenging training and adapt the exercises when someone needs it. I don't workout to lose weight. I work out because I love it, I love being active and pushing myself, and at the end if my body changes then that means I did a good job .

A special thank you to Roshanda and Goeff who are keeping me motivated to wake up at 5h30 every morning!"

- Marie-Claude B.

April 2014 Makeover of the Month

“I come from a family with a history of Heart & Stroke disease. At age 22 I was diagnosed with Hypertension. At the time I was a overweight, with unhealthy eating habits. My health and wellness journey began with a friend of mine who is a Certified Personal Trainer & Life coach, working with me one on one. I achieved results however after a year I felt I needed more.

I Googled 'Fun Workouts in the GTA' the results included The O Course, I was intrigued. I was sold before taking my first class, the service I received from Ian, he had a smile. He answered all my questions. The respect of each other from members. My family is overseas but I felt like I had a new family. Some people wonder why on my face book I call it FFFF the extra F is for family.

What I love about FFF is that every class is unique and there is no boredom. Signing up for classes holds me accountable, there are 6 classes per day and this helps me work around my work schedule to meet my fitness goal.

Participating in The O Course was an incredibly rewarding experience. I am truly more confident and I am giving motivation and encouragement to my family and friends. I am a lover of fitness now. My Blood Pressure is now normal based on healthier eating habits and working out.

The benefits: Improved overall health, Improved quality of life, Enhanced appearance, Healthier skin tone, Mental Health and Well-Being, Boost in my intellectual capacity, I manage stress more effectively, I sleep better, My self-esteem and confidence has been boosted, Higher energy levels, muscular strength and endurance, Increased stamina and ability to do continuous work, My Cardiovascular Health, Strengthens my heart and lowers my heart rate, Decreased my blood pressure.

Every day I am loving myself more and more. That is a wonderful feeling when you look in the mirror and SEE the work paying off. I would like to thank the entire Team at Fit Factory Fitness for their support in helping me through my journey. Tony, Ro, Geoff thank you for pushing me. I look forward to continue working with you all and to maintain& sustaining these results.”

- Amy N.

March 2014 Makeover of the Month

"Almost a year and a half ago I decided it was time to re-dedicate myself to healthy living and get back into shape. I had done many different boot camp classes but nothing that I felt really pushed me. I ended up finding the 30 for 30 day package and really loved the high intensity of the class and how any of the instructors (Tony, Geoff, Roshanda) push you to your limits!

In the first 60 days I lost 30 pounds! I quickly noticed how much stronger and faster I got over a short time frame. I really want to say thank you to the whole Fit Factory family for creating a positive and friendly atmosphere to push you to your limits. Looking forward to achieving many more milestones in the years to come! UH-RAH!"

- Greg L.

February 2014 Makeover of the Month

"I was looking to make a change in my life, and Fit Factory was the answer. I started with the $30 for 30 days special offer and now I can’t imagine life without Tony , Roshanda and Geoff ! Everyone at Fit Factory has encouraged me to overcome obstacles and push myself far beyond my boundaries. From Fit Factory I have learned there are no limits, and the physical change I have seen over the years proves that hard work pays off.
I want to say thank you to the entire FFF team for helping me get into the best shape of my life, and also for bringing me into a community where I have made tons of new friends who share the same passion for health and fitness. I love the classes, and look forward to many more years!"

- Tanya S.

January 2014 Makeover of the Month

I have always had lofty fitness goals, been athletic and heavily involved in nearly every sport. Even though I lead a very active lifestyle and have played competitive sports my entire life, I was never closer to realizing my goals than I am now.

Since working out at FFF I have noticed very functional improvements. My body has firmed up, and I'm noticeably stronger and quicker. The workouts are always difficult no matter what your fitness level, and my results are simply something I have never experienced before. I also don't suffer from daily aches and pains from old injuries anymore. I attribute that to the workouts at FFF as well. The full body workouts eliminate muscle deficiencies and have strengthened me where I had been weak.

The team at FFF does a great job pushing everyone to a level that we never thought possible, reminding us to be better than we were yesterday…today! Many thanks to the entire crew at FFF!

- Chris D.

Fit Factory Fitness

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