MYZONE - Know Your Effort, Reach Your Goals Faster. 

What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity to help you track and effortlessly reach your goals. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), which are displayed live on the studio monitors. In addition to MEPs, MYZONE calculates calories burned, duration and time of activity and with the help of bio impedance scales can monitor and track such values as weight, muscle mass, body water %, metabolic age, body fat % and much more. MYZONE users simply wear a comfortable heart rate strap, which is registered online, to monitor all physical activity in real time, allowing users to view their progress in their personal account.

MYZONE enhances enjoyment of physical activity by providing personal, colour-coded guidance and motivational feedback both inside and outside.

MYZONE users can:
• Exercise inside and outside of a facility and have their activity recorded.
• Login online anywhere and track their activity and progress.
• Earn MEPs for every minute of physical activity.
• Participate in challenges based on physical activity and measure results.
• Achieve goals via utilizing heart rate intensity feedback.

How can I purchase one?
You can order yours online

What are MEPs?
MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are a new metric for measuring physical activity. MEPs accumulate for every minute of activity that a user spends in the 5 effort (intensity) zones based on one’s individual maximum heart rate. The more effort that is put in, the more MYZONE Effort points are earned.

• Grey = 1 MEPs per minute (50 – 60% of effort)
• Blue = 2 MEPs per minute
• Green = 3 MEPs per minute
• Yellow = 4 MEPs per minute
• Red = 4 MEPs per minute

What do the beeps mean?
Storing data:
Start – belt is activated: 1 beep
Start – Begin recording: 3 beeps
End – there has been 15 seconds of inactivity: 1 beep

Uploading stored data to the MYZONE Console:
Start – belt is activated: 1 beep
Start Upload – you are back in range of a Console: 4 beeps
End Upload – the upload of stored data is complete: 2 beeps
Upload Failed – try again move nearer to the MYZONE Console and stand still: 1 long beep

Note: Remember to be within 5-10 metres of a MYZONE receiver to successfully upload your workout.

Battery/Belt reset:
The battery has been taken out and refitted: 1 long beep (this will erase any stored workouts remaining on the belt)


How should I wear my MYZONE belt?
Your belt should fit comfortably across the center of your chest, with the MYZONE logo facing away from you. You can adjust the size with the plastic adjuster. To shorten it, use both hands to pull the adjusters apart. To lengthen it hold one end in one hand and use your other hand to pull the upper adjuster downwards.

Can I wear MYZONE outside of the studio?
Yes. You can wear your MYZONE during any physical activity, in or out of the gym. When you begin an activity outside of the studio, your belt will beep 3 times to indicate it is recording and storing your workout data.

Is the MYZONE belt waterproof?
The module on your MYZONE belt is water resistant, but is not waterproof and should not be submerged. You may hand wash/air dry the fabric strap if necessary

Is it OK to leave my belt clipped all the time?
Your belt should always be left unclipped when not in use.

How do I replace the battery?
Before you replace the battery, upload any stored data if possible, as any saved data will be lost once the battery is removed. The MYZONE Physical Activity Belt uses standard CR2032 lithium batteries.

- Use the small tab on belt adjuster on the fabric strap to gently “pop” the battery cover off of the back of the MYZONE transmitter.
- Fit the new battery into the recess, making sure that the positive terminal (indicated by “+”) is facing upwards.
- Place the back cover over the battery and press down until it clicks into place.
- You will hear a long single beep to indicate the belt is reset and working.

What does the MYZONE belt measure?
Your MYZONE belt measures your heart rate, calories burned and time spent exercising in different heart-rate zones.

When will my belt start tracking my activity?
Once you’ve registered your belt, it will be set up and ready to track your workouts. Visit to track your activity.

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How do I create my MYZONE profile?
When you receive your belt, register your belt at and set up your MYZONE profile.

How do I edit my profile information?
Log in to your page and find the “View Your Profile” link in the Personal Information section on your homepage. You will be able to edit your personal information. Click Save Changes to complete the update.

Where do I find my belt ID number?
Your unique ID is the 10 numbers following SN on the back of the plastic module on your MYZONE belt.

What do the colors mean on my personal MYZONE graph?
The colors indicate a different heart rate zone. MYZONE uses five color-coded Heart Rate Zones to establish the effort exerted based on your maximum heart rate (Max HR). The effort is expressed as a percentage of your Max HR.

Grey = 50% to 60% of Max HR
Blue = 60% to 70% of Max HR
Green = 70% to 80% of Max HR
Yellow = 80% to 90% of Max HR
Red = 90% to 100% of Max HR

MYZONE Data/Uploading

Can I upload my data at home?
Your data can only be uploaded at the Fit Factory Fitness King West studio.

How often should I upload my data?
If exercising away from the studio, your belt will store up to 15 hours of workout data. When exercising in studio, your belt will upload your data during your workout as long as you’re 30 feet from the console.

Will my stored data from an outside workout upload while I’m exercising in studio?
For best results, you should upload any stored data before wearing your belt for class.

Why isn’t name showing up on the screen during a workout?
If you aren’t seeing your name appear on screen right away, check to ensure the belt is positioned correctly across the center of your chest, with the logo facing away from you. When you clip your belt together, listen for 1 beep to indicate the belt is on. If you do not hear the beep, unclip and refasten your belt. You may need to adjust the strap to ensure it’s fitted snugly against your body. If you are still having trouble getting your name to appear on screen, moisten the two oval sensors on the strap to ensure proper connectivity and try again.

Why didn’t my workout upload?
If you are at the console with your belt and you hear the 4 beeps to indicate an upload is starting, followed by 1 long beep, that beep means your data did not upload. Continue to wait at the console for an upload to automatically begin again. Check to ensure the strap is fastened securely, or you’re holding both sensors with your thumbs. Once you hear the 4 short beeps followed by 2 short beeps, you’ll know your workout data has been successfully uploaded to your page. If your upload fails a few times, try disconnecting the belt, wait a full minute, then retry.

If no activity was loaded to your page, it means you did not have any workout data stored in your belt. If you exercised away from the studio and that activity did not upload, it’s likely because it did not record. When exercising away from the gym, be sure to listen for the first beep to signal the belt is on, followed by 3 short beeps to indicate it is recording. Once you finish your workout and unclip your belt, you should hear 1 beep to indicate recording has successfully completed.

Why didn’t I receive my workout summary email?
After you successfully upload your workout data, you should receive an email from summarizing your performance from your previous activity. These emails may not arrive immediately after completing an activity or uploading your data. If it has been more than an hour, please check your Spam folder in your email inbox. Be sure to add this email address to your contacts list to ensure future emails are not blocked.

If you are still not receiving emails after following the previous tips, log in to your page and click “View Your Profile” to ensure the correct email address was entered. You may update your email address while in your profile.

Why did my name disappear from the screen?
When you are exercising in the studio and notice that your name tile is no longer showing on the screen, check to ensure your belt is fitted securely around the center of your chest. You may need to moisten the sensors to ensure connectivity.  Your name will drop off screen if your belt can not detect your heart rate for more than 30 seconds. This can happen when your belt loses its connection with your body during activities like push-ups. Tightening or re-securing your belt should restore connection and your name will appear on screen again.

If the question mark appears during the workout, it indicates that the sensors are not picking up the heart beat. When this happens, adjust the strap and press it into your chest to get the read back, but if it goes unread for about 30 seconds, the name will completely drop off the screen.

How do I upload my data to my personal page?
When you’re exercising in studio, your data is being wirelessly uploaded as long as you’re within 30 feet of the console. If you have stored data from exercising outside of the studio, you must visit your studio to upload your data.

To upload, move within 30’ of the console while wearing your belt, or while holding the two connective ovals on the belt with your thumbs. You will hear 4 short beeps to indicate an upload has started, and 2 short beeps once uploading is complete.

If you hear 1 long beep, it means the upload has failed. Check to ensure the belt is positioned correctly, or moisten the sensors and place both thumbs on the connective ovals and retry.

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MYZONE Troubleshooting

My name isn’t showing up on screen in class
When you are in range of the console and your name does not appear on screen, first, listen for a beep to indicate your belt is on and functioning properly. When you clip your belt together and are in range of the console at the studio, you should hear one beep to indicate it’s working, and your name should then appear on screen.

If your belt beeped when clipped together, but you still aren’t seeing your name, check to make sure the belt is making good contact with your body. Tighten the belt using the plastic adjuster strap and then press the band into your chest to pick up a reading.  You can also moisten the sensors to ensure good connectivity.

If the question mark appears with your name, it indicates that the sensors are not picking up your heart beat. When this happens, adjust the strap and press it into your chest to get the read back, but if it goes unread for about 30 seconds, your name will completely drop off the screen.

My workout didn’t upload
There are several things that could cause a workout not to upload:

1.     If your name appears on the screens during a Fit Factory workout, but the workout does not upload at the end of class, it could signify a dropped Internet connection. Once the Internet comes back, your data will appear on your page.

2.     Before a workout, listen for your belt to beep to indicate it is fully functioning. If you are not hearing any beeps, the device may either need a new battery, or you could have a faulty belt. It’s important to listen for the following beeps:
- When within range of the console, belt will beep ONCE which will mean your tile will automatically pop up onto the TV screens in the club
- When exercising away from the studio, your belt will beep ONCE when it’s connected and THREE TIMES after a few seconds. This indicates that the belt is now in memory mode and will store the workout. When the belt is disconnected it will beep ONCE. This indicates that workout has been stored successfully
- If the belt DOES NOT beep at any time, you can run a test to check if there may be something wrong. Try clipping the belt together and placing your thumbs along each of the rubber sensors on the underside of the strap. Hold your thumbs tightly to the sensors for 30 seconds. Does the belt beep then? If yes, it is likely the belt is positioned incorrectly during exercise. If no, remove the battery from the back of the belt by removing the cap. Re-insert the battery and wait for a long beep. This signifies that the belt has been reset (PLEASE BE ADVISED REMOVING THE BATTERY WILL LOSE ANY STORED DATA THAT HAS NOT YET BEEN DOWNLOADED). Repeat the process above using your thumbs to see if this has corrected your belt. If the belt is still not beeping it is likely there is a fault with the belt. A replacement may be necessary.

3.     Sometimes outside workouts take longer to upload than workouts performed in the studio. It might take a few tries at the console to upload, but generally outside workouts will upload. When you hear one long beep following an upload attempt then the data has not all been uploaded and you should attempt the upload again. Make sure you are within 10ft. of the console and you wet the sensors. To reattempt an upload simply continue to hold the sensors and wait for the upload to activate again.

If you are waiting more than a few minutes for the workout to upload, please try disconnecting the belt, waiting a full minute, and retry.

I can’t get the belt to initiate an upload
If there is no stored data (from an outside workout) on the belt, there is no need to upload at the console. When you are at the console, the belt will NOT beep four times if the memory is empty.

If you know there is stored data on the belt but you are not getting four beeps when within 10 ft. of the console, disconnect the belt, wait for a full minute, reconnect and attempt the upload again. Ensure the sensors are making good contact with your body or you’re holding on to both sensors with your thumbs. Moisten the sensors if necessary and attempt the upload again.  Follow the indications on the home screen to monitor the upload progress. You will see a checkmark next to your name following a successful upload. An “X” means your upload failed.

I keep getting a failed upload
When you hear one long beep following an upload attempt, or you see an “X” next to your name, it means your upload has failed. Your data has not all been uploaded and you should attempt the upload again. Make sure you are within 10ft. of the console and you wet the sensors. To reattempt an upload simply continue to hold the sensors and wait for the upload to activate again. Alternatively you can disconnect the belt, wait a full minute and then retry.  If the problem persists, your club staff will be able to provide further assistance.

I checked my account and not all of my workout is there
If patches of data are missing from your online account, it is because the upload was either interrupted or failed. Please try your upload again. If you are still experiencing trouble, please contact staff.

My outside workout is missing
If you notice that your in-studio workouts have been uploaded, but your outside workout did not load, please try your upload again. Make sure you’re within 10’ of the console, your belt is clipped together and you are holding the two sensors with your thumbs. This will initiate an upload of your stored data and your outside workout should appear.

My heart-rate readings seems to be incorrect or inconsistent
Log in to your profile at, click on “View My Profile” and ensure your date of birth, height and weight are correct. If your reading continues to fluctuate or is inconsistent, contact staff for assistance.

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