“I initially came to Dr. Robertson for treatment on some lower back pain that I had been experiencing. I play Hockey, snowboard, kiteboard, cycle and hike regularly. As an active guy, I try to take care of myself and not only seek out treatments the are reliable and work, but also maintain my health at a level that can avoid painful injuries. I could not be more pleased to be a patient of Dr. Robertson. The thing that I appreciate the most is Dr. Robertson's drive to find and treat the root of the issue through various workable methods. He sincerely cares about your health and wellness, and has me feeling great. His method of treatment is outstanding, utilizing the latest methods and coming up with new ideas, or a combination of ideas to get you going again. This guys is the real deal. He not only knowledgeable and smart, he is humble and unassuming making you feel comfortable to ask questions with real understandable answers. Not only is my back feeling great, through continued treatment I am more agile, and reactive during activities. My range of motion has improved considerably. I am speeding up, not slowing down – which is awesome. My sincere thanks to Dr. Roberson in all that he does to make a better me”

“I couldnt speak more highly of Dr. Robertson (or Rob)! Very knowledgeable and multifaceted, he saved during a few major neck/back issues stemming from scoliosis and persistent tight hip. He has always been very approachable and flexible and able to provide valuable insight on both my recovery and training! I would greatly recommend his services to anyone seeking chiropractic rehabilitation!”

“David Robertson was super helpful and knowledgeable. I was having issues with my lower back and he was able to give me some really good tips moving forward to help continue with the treatment. Would definitely recommend him!”



Dr. Robertson is considered to be an Evidence Based Chiropractor meaning he utilizes
up-to-date science based treatment protocols with patients.

He graduated with a B.Sc in Kinesiology before going on to becoming a chiropractor.
Dr. Robertson has went on to complete numerous continuing education courses included Activator techniques, Functional Acupuncture and Integrated Therapeutics.

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