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Fit Factory Fitness Client Results | 2018 Makeover Winners

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At the very beginning, the motivation for me to workout and lose weight was to wear pretty dresses. Unfortunately, even though I did a lot of exercises by myself and tried other gyms, I didn’t see obvious results until FFF came into my life! I feel everything has been changing and improving after I started to workout at FFF.


My friends always ask where I go and how often, and I am proud to tell them I go to FFF at least 4 times a week. It has become such a big part of my life that I can’t skip classes, and I take FFF into consideration when I make plans. Not only do they have the best bootcamp and strength classes, but also the best instructors and vibes - all which have turned me into a new fit girl! Sweating and laughing in class; challenging yourself; and paying attention to what you eat.


Everything that FFF has brought me made an impact in my life. I became healthy and confident, made friends, and love to share my experience with other people. At FFF, working out is not just about taking the class. You get consistent support and motivation from their staff (from workouts to nutrition to social outings).


FFF creates a fantastic community for those who wish to have a healthy life. Don’t just exercise on your own - talk to them and tell them your concerns and your goals, and they will help you! Fitness is not a goal but a lifestyle and a journey we should enjoy. Many thanks to FFF team and my workout partners!


- Gloria Meng



I had joined so many gyms before Fit Factory, and my membership went completely unused. Like most folks, I would attend previous gyms for maybe a month not see any results within that time period and quickly give up. Fit Factory really offered my a different perspective on my fitness. When I joined Fit Factory, I was immediately having fun in the classes, which was surprisingly because they were the hardest physically demanding thing I've ever done.


More importantly, Fit Factory works to create a team-oriented community of folks. I didn't feel intimidated or insecure going to the classes, because the instructors care about you and work hard to push you while positively encouraging you - always throwing new and challenging exercises at you to push your fitness.


What really helped transform me was their nutrition program created by Maya, the in-house nutritionist. The program really taught me when to eat, what to eat, and how to enjoy eating healthy. During the program, I started feeling amazing, and really loved what the diet did for my energy levels and stomach health - so I decided to keep with that eating style.


Since then, I've seen massive results in my energy, health, and physical transformation. I'm excited to see what continuing to train at Fit Factory will do for me!


- Garrett Levine



I signed up for Fit Factory in August 2017. I came to a couple classes and left in tears when I was unable to keep up in class and walked away telling myself it was fine, knowing it wasn't on any level. My nieces were born December 1st and I went back to Fit Factory December 2nd after taking a hard look at myself and realizing I would not be able to catch my breath or be active with them if I continued the path I was on health wise.


I’ve battled with my body my whole life, but the day after my nieces were born I promised to make a change and not excuses. The past 7 months has been a game changer in all aspects of my life.


Fit Factory went from a space I felt uncomfortable because of my personal insecurities, to a safe space where I feel supported. I've learned that its not just about loosing weight but making my health a priority. The instructors have pushed me, seen me cry many times and continue to challenge me each class.


I am forever grateful to the FFF team and the best workout partner (shoutout to Rachel). I still have a long way to go mentally and physically on this journey but I’m proud of myself. For anyone trying to get back in shape, trust me it won’t be easy. Some days you won’t want to show up, and some days you’ll make enough excuses to make yourself feel like not going is ok, at the end of the day you have to show up for yourself.


- Patricia Yeboah



I have been coming to Fit Factory 3 times a week for a year now and I can honestly say it's had an enormously positive effect on my life. I have always been into fitness; I love running and dancing and would go to the gym on my own but I never really pushed myself that hard. When I started at Fit Factory, I was working a full-time desk job and was desperate to keep my fitness up. I am also a dancer, so I spent my evenings and weekends dancing but even that much cardio couldn't offset the 8 hours of sitting per day, so I started coming to Fit Factory on my lunch break or in the mornings. It became the part of my day I looked forward to most and gave me so much energy for the afternoon. I saw results after the first month and knew I could never go back to the wimpy workouts I used to do on my own at the gym. Since then, I have left my office job to pursue my dance career, and the confidence and passion for fitness that I've gained and from Fit Factory has been a huge part of that! Bootcamp is something I look forward to, rather than dread, which has made fitness a sustainable and consistent part of my lifestyle, rather than a 'quick fix'. If I could give one piece of advice to newcomers I would say: "It won't get easier but you WILL get stronger!!! It may seem overwhelming at first but as you continue to come you get used to the different instructors' styles which makes it feel easier mentally. Just KEEP coming and you'll be so proud of how far you can go!!


- Marlie G.



Moving to Canada in 2014 was a stressful ordeal and I took comfort in all the wrong foods. Three years in, I gained a lot of weight and I struggled with a digestive disorder called GERD. I always saw the Fit Factory sign on King St. but thought there was no way I could survive that. I wasn't disciplined enough to work out on my own l, so I made a deal with myself in 2017 to see how fit I could get in one year. I signed up for the introductory special and did the new recruit class.


Let’s just say I was bedridden for the weekend!! But something made me go back over and over again. The workouts definitely push you outside your comfort zone physically and mentally, but regardless of your fitness level you’re never doing it alone; it’s truly a team environment. You find yourself giving your all even when the burpees won’t end! All the instructors are so amazing and the entire Fit Factory team genuinely wants to see you win.


Working with Maya, the in house nutritionist, enabled me to understand GERD and, develop a plan to heal my gut with support every step of the way. My cravings disappeared, my energy went up, my gut felt so much better, my mood improved and I found creative ways to make my meals healthier.


My whole view of fitness and diet has changed so much because of them and it has truly been a lifestyle change for me. I can finally run the lap outside without stopping! I’m still on my journey but I’m very happy and excited at how far I’ve come.


Trust me, the first class sucks! But keep going, you’ll be amazed at what your body can do!


- Stephanie McLeod



What an honour to be selected as Makeover of the Month! You know what they say… hard work pays off or as they say at Fit Factory Fitness (FFF) UH-RAH.


The last 6 months of regularly going to FFF have been truly challenging- yet amazing! I started with the 30 day trail and was instantly hooked. Not only have I accomplished drastic changes in my body and have increased my energy levels, I have also made friends along the way.

FFF and its certified trainers take fitness to a whole new level. They combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), with Cardio and Strength Exercises, leaving you sore and accomplished after every class. Having tried different gyms, classes, my own workout routines, spinning, yoga, bare etc.


FFF is the only place where I have found that my limits are pushed daily, I am in a supportive yet competitive environment and have never been bored. Workouts are challenging and different every time, making me come back for more! I leave class accomplished, fired up, inspired, and ready to tackle my day.


I’d like to give a shout out to the 6:15am weekday crew. You guys kill it before the sunrise! Couldn’t have done it without all your familiar faces in the wee hours of the morning.

- Karla S.



I moved to Toronto in October 2016. I had gained a lot of weight over the last few years and was not living a healthy lifestyle. I had tried in the past to go to the gym but would get discouraged and unmotivated pretty quickly. So when I moved I decided it was time to make a change and get back on track!


I first did a boxing bootcamp for 3 months at another gym to get back into exercising, and then I signed up for the 30 days at Fit Factory. I remember being sore for almost a week after my first class, but I loved the way I felt after finishing the class and have been hooked ever since! The instructors are great and always push you to do that extra rep you think you can't do. The results I got from going consistently, both physically and mentally, have been keeping me motivated and always wanting to go back.


Last year I even decided to sign up for a half-marathon, which I never imagined I could do! It was an amazing experience and this year my goal is to run a full marathon. I am sure that with the new mindset I got from training regularly and the motivation I get from Fit Factory I will succeed those 42k!

I’d definitely recommend Fit Factory to anyone looking for a fun and challenging workout. You won’t regret it and the results you will see will make you want to come back!


- Manon Tapia



I initially stumbled upon Fit Factory about 1.5 years ago when I was looking for a gym near my office. Little did I know it was going to be a completely different routine from any workout I’d ever experienced before. I was hooked after the very first bootcamp and it soon turned into my go-to place to sweat!

Bootcamp classes were exactly what I needed to jumpstart my fat loss journey. Combining those with strength & conditioning classes and nutrition advice from Maya (Fit Factory’s in-house nutritionist), I was able to set realistic goals and get the support I needed to hit them in a timely manner. For once, it felt like I’m on the right track (and have the support I need) to get to the fitness level I’d always had in mind.

On top of all that, the one thing I really appreciate about Fit Factory is the supportive and engaged community of people (staff and members) that are constantly pushing each other to “do one more rep” and get stronger every single day — It makes a huge difference! If you’re considering joining Fit Factory, I highly recommend making the time and financial investment - the results will be worth it!

- Reza


We all go to gyms for various reasons and leave for one - Complacency! Our bodies plateau, boredom sets in and the energy it takes to go outweighs the results.

When you enter Fit Factory it asks so much more of you - You can’t help but to stand up and dust off a long day of work. Chin up, shoulders pulled, back straight - the sounds of enthusiastic instructors and grunting participants inspires you in so many ways.

Every single workout is different and you are excited by the idea of what lies ahead. The only thing consistent is the hard hustle and being surrounded by people that align in the belief of pushing through boundaries to learn more about themselves.

I have always lived an active lifestyle, participating in many different forms of physicality from mechanical to high intensity workouts, or what I thought were high intensity workouts. I have surfed from gym to gym, but its at Fit Factory Fitness that I have found my greatest transformation. I am consistently engaged in my environment, my workout, with myself and I am energized by the idea of going to the gym.

Big thanks and mad respect to the staff at Fit Factory Fitness!

- Aileen


Fit Factory Fitness

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