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Fit Factory Fitness Client Results | 2016 Makeover Winners

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Nearing 30 I still had the mindset of being 17 and being able to eat whatever I wanted...slowly but surely (and as a result of being diagnosed with a thyroid disease) the weight literally pounded on.

A couple years later I finally made the commitment to lose the weight and in the end I lost 30 lbs. Even though I was able to keep the weight off by (usually) eating right, I have always lived in fear of backtracking. I wanted to be fit. I tried different fitness programs but nothing ever stuck.

Fast forward to two years ago when I nervously walked into my first Fit Factory class. It was hard, it was sweaty, I literally thought I was going to die - but I was totally hooked. 2016 was my fittest year yet. My box jumps got higher, my push-ups got better, my weights got heavier, and believe it or not, I've fallen in love with the "Fit Factory Burpee".

When you look at my before and after photos I know you can't help but think I've achieved a lot and I am super proud of the work I've done to get there. But I know that with the incredible support and endless encouragement I get at Fit Factory from my trainers, Imran, Geoff and Kurt, and my amazing fitfam, I will only keep building the best version of me.

Three things I've learned being a Fit Factory member 1) Never give up 2) Strive for progress, not perfection 3) When they say "a little bit longer" in class, they're always lying haha. Bring on 2017!

-Victoria S.

I have always been an active person who enjoys working out and any other physical activity that keeps me in a good shape. However, for the last 2 years I had noticed that it was so hard to gain weight even though I had a consistent routine that included cardio and weights. It was disappointing not seeing any improvement.

In saying that, I was always trying to find something different and more challenging. I wanted to be able to see tangible results in short time.

So, last March I decided to join FFF. First, I signed up for the 30 days promotion to learn the work out’s dynamics and after few classes I ended up loving it. Without hesitation, when I finished the 30 days promotion I signed up for a membership!

For the last 8 months I have not only enjoyed working out but I have also seen improvement every day. Consistency and discipline have been key to be in a better place overtime. I have gone from 115 to 121 pounds with a noticeable change.

Lastly, I would like to highlight the ambience at FFF that always welcomes you. The instructors, who I believe play the most important role, always keep the class engaged and motivated to push harder.

- Andrea O.

So I spent quite a few years never really caring about going to the gym seriously, or actually following any plan. Rarely did much cardio and had a very unorganized workout schedule.

I was introduced to Fit Factory while healing from a broken hand from boxing, and it’s been amazing ever since. The high intensity workouts, instructors and other clients pushing you beyond what you think your physical limits are, the awesome camaraderie and support from everyone, all particularly makes Fit Factory stand out.

Fit Factory continually pushes you to develop mental toughness, an elite mentality – to push yourself to keep going when you’re absolutely exhausted. That kind of mental toughness is of immense value, whether its in sprint races or climbing mountains in remote corners of the world. I've seen the results, going from 190lbs to 162lbs, putting on muscle, and generally improving overall athletic ability.

Big shout-out to Fit Factory for putting together a great fitness studio, with top-notch instructors, great staff, and awesome clients. I’ve made good friends here, found running and work out partners, and may even go climbing with a like-minded climber I met here.

- Jeet C.

Since having my daughter 6 years ago, I struggled to lose the weight. Being a single mom balancing motherhood, school and work, had left me neglecting myself and completely letting myself go. Once I found Fit Factory that all changed.

I’ll be honest the first few classes were tough. During the workouts (in puddles of sweat), I would ask myself why I am I doing this to myself and why could I not be content with being “Fat & Happy”. But by the end of each workout, I felt really good, energized and challenged. My favourite part about FF was that no 2 workouts are the same, which kept things interesting. I quickly found myself getting stronger and gaining better endurance as each class passed and before I knew it I was working out 6 days a week. By incorporating more weights in my workout regime, I have been able to obtain a more curvy physique and more lean muscle mass. Because of this, I had to learn to be less focused on the number on the scale and to pay attention to the changes in my body and clothing. Working out has now become part of my everyday routine and I am obsessed! I never thought that I would find joy in breaking a sweat! In the last 6 months, since starting Fit Factory, with hard work and dedication I dropped 20lbs and 4 dress sizes, from a size 14 to a size 8!

I want to thank the Fit Factory family for pushing past my comfort level, keeping me motivated and the amazing words of encouragement (especially when I thought I wasn’t getting results). Because of you all, I have been able to get the results that I wanted and the boost I needed to be consistent. Also thank you for assisting me with one of my biggest challenges and allowing me to bring my daughter with me to the gym everyday! Special shout out to Tony for always calling me out and pushing me to my breaking points when I wanted to give up...JASSSMMIINNEE!!

-Jasmine Wilson

I always wanted to be one of those people who was addicted to exercise. I would always start something for a few weeks, then something would come up and I would fall out of routine. I struggled to find an exercise regime that I would consistently stick to or find time (and energy) for. Fit Factory has really been the answer for me.
Exercising to me is about a personal sense of pride and accomplishment; the way it makes me feel about my life, the way it affects every aspect of my life. It makes me more productive and happy at work and home. The 40 lbs loss, the 4 inch drop in my waist and the early signs of abs (I know they are there) is really only a pleasant side effect.I owe my results entirely to my Fit Factory family.

Thank you to Geoff for keeping it fresh with something new every day.
Thank you to Tony for kicking my a$$ and for having an outstanding ability to push me beyond what I think I can do.
Thank you to Imran for constant encouragement to "go big".
Thank you to Kurt for always dialling it up to 11 at every session.
Thank you to Mike for stepping in as the substitute instructor and keeping the high intensity steady.
Thank you to Ivan and Ian and the rest of the family for your constant support and encouragement.
I am happy to say that I am a Fit Factory addict!

- Neil Price

I've always been an active person but I've never been comfortable with my weight. When I moved to Canada I stopped playing field hockey and I was in holiday mode for far too long, as a result I put on a lot of weight. Fit Factory has pushed me more than I have ever been before and I am so happy with the results! I have lost two dress sizes since starting. I've lost about 2 inches from my waist, about 4 inches from my hips and about 2 inches from my thighs in just a few months! I never thought I would ever be this happy and confident with my body. Thanks Fit Factory for getting me into the best shape I've ever been in!

- Rebecca M


I’ve been going to the gym and doing bootcamps in the city for almost 6 years now at various gyms. I was staying active and maintaining my weight but hadn’t seen dramatic results like I have with Fit Factory. I started my membership at Fit Factory three months ago. Since I started I can honestly say that I’ve seen results in my body /overall fitness level that I have never seen before!

I’ve become physically stronger! I have never felt more confident about myself than I do now!

I’ve lost about 12 pounds but the most rewarding feeling is looking in the mirror and seeing how toned my muscles have become!

Fit Factory’s classes are one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done, but all the hard work has paid off! The classes have left me feeling in the best shape of my life! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a full time athlete, every class is different and you will see results quickly…but be prepared to get your butt kicked!

- Nicole D 


In 2015 with my 50th birthday fast approaching, I made a conscious decision to refocus on living a healthy lifestyle including regular fitness and a healthy diet. About 10 years before I had run a marathon I was in great shape physically and mentally but slowly stress, family commitments, and life in general interrupted my time and energy. With the support of my husband and friends, I lost 45 pounds over an 8 month period - slow and steady progress. I regained an appreciation for life and feeling strong and healthy. Boot camp at Fit Factory was, and still is, an important part of my fitness routine. Thanks Fit Factory!

- Shanley M


I've always been thick and it was hard for me to get lean. I'm against surgery and all these so called diets.. I did gain a large amount of weight at one point in my life. This story is hard for me to speak about, but I want to help others dealing with this same issue. I got sick with "Vertigo" for two years due to head injures from a car accident years prior. This forced me to be on bed rest. I was unable to move because my balance was so bad. I felt dizzy everyday - it was by far the scariest and most traumatizing experience of my life. Doctors put me on medication to try and fix my equilibrium. It helped a bit but not completely. I then did acupuncture and that healed me. I was happy to have my balance back, however I was depressed that I gained this weight due to this medication and the vertigo. I tried to go to the gym but nothing was working so I kept giving up until I joined #FitFactoryFitness - MY LIFE has never been the same! Everyone there helps you! They're amazing; the trainers are awesome and really put their all into changing people's lives. I've never been so motivated! I also joined Maya's 30 Day Detox Challenge and I feel amazing. I'm also a vegan now and I believe in holistic nutrition. Fit Factory has taught me that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and you are stronger then you think. I am so blessed that have found Fit Factory. This Place has literally CHANGED MY LIFE!

- Sasha D

Mar2016makeover_v copy

Christmas was a dangerous time. Cookies, candies, chips and crockpots full of cheese dips are everywhere at work, home and at Mom and Dad’s house. It’s easy to develop a “Just this one time” attitude. Unfortunately, if you multiply this by 100 it’s bound to catch up on you. I gained 6 pounds over the holidays. Bloated and feeling uncomfortable with my body, when Maya posted the 21 day challenge, I jumped on the opportunity to reboot my eating habits.

Maya provided easy and simple to follow recipes that were so delicious and guilt free. I didn’t have to count a calorie at all! Being part of the group also made you feel accountable of what you were eating and was also a fun way to see how other people were doing with the challenge.

In combination with this challenge and getting my butt kicked by the amazing trainers (Roshanda, Imran, Claire and Geoff) I was able to lose 6 pounds in 3 short weeks (134 to 128 lbs). More importantly, I can fit into my jeans again! Roshanda always says in the classes “ Abs are made in the kitchen”, after working with Maya I’m a firm believer of this.

- Jen K.


When I joined Fit Factory, I was in a rut. I had been carrying an extra 10 or so pounds that I couldn’t seem to shed in over a year. I was always athletic and pretty fit, yet I did not think that my physical body reflected how strong I really was. I had tried many gyms and have been involved in various sports so I knew I needed a place where I could really be pushed. As soon as I started my first class, I knew I was hooked. All the instructors have a ‘no bullshit’ approach. They provide the motivation to push your body and mind to its absolute potential. Forget doing push-ups on your knees or taking a break and leaning against a wall – you’ll only get more push-ups as punishment! Call me crazy, but I kind of enjoy the brutal torture. The best part is that every class is different and challenging so I am never bored. When I am done with a class, I know I’ve had an amazing work out. No matter how I feel before going to work out, either tired or lazy, I walk out full of energy and accomplished.
I wanted to lose the weight before my birthday in January and I did it! After a couple of months I have lost 15lbs and that’s even without following a diet or strict eating regimen. I feel great although I have more fitness goals that want to achieve. I once heard that strength and growth only come through continuous effort and struggle; it’s the effort and the physical struggles in each class that allow me to challenge myself and see results.

- Natalia


Lisa's transformation was featured on the Huffington Post!

Here's what a 3 week cleanse did for me. Thanks to Maya, our Nutritionist and the wonderful team at Fit Factory Fitness, I was able to achieve outcomes that normally take me months to feel & see. I may have lost an 1" and almost 5% body fat but I gained so much more. Holistic nutrition taught me how to regulate my system as a whole from clean eating habits, to sleep and self care regimen, and the balance between work and leisure. It's all about nourishing your body, mind and soul!

- Lisa A.
Fit Factory Fitness

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