Fit Factory Fitness Fuel Bar

Fuel your workouts with smoothies specifically developed to give you lasting energy as well as help your body recover and recharge! Refreshingly delicious and made on the spot for you whenever you need a good dose of nutrients! Pre-order your smoothie before class to have it ready right when you finish ;) 

Fuel Bar Smoothies at Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto, ON   Fuel Bar Smoothies at Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto, ON

Fuel Bar Smoothies at Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto, ON

Green Machine

Infuse a taste of the tropics with the sweet zingy flavour of pineapple! Packed with detoxifying spinach and kale, it’s our greenest member in the #FitFactoryFuel family! Thanks to the presence of bromelain, a powerful digestive enzyme found in pineapple, it’s been proven to aid in digesting protein, breaking down fats, and reducing inflammation. We also add banana for complex carbs, and chia seeds to help stabilize blood sugar levels to provide you with lasting energy for the rest of your day. We supply you with 27 grams of high quality protein to add into your smoothie to build and repair your hard earned muscles!

Fuel Bar Smoothies at Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto, ON

Chocolate Rumble

The unmistakeable creaminess of peanut butter paired with the rich flavour of chocolate come together for a decadent treat that soothes your sweet cravings all while properly nourishing your body after an intense workout! The surprising part? We snuck in spinach for a dose of blood­ building iron. We use banana and dates to not only naturally sweeten the smoothie, but to help replenish your glycogen stores (the energy you used up in your workouts), along with a base of almond milk to up the creaminess. To top it off, we offer 27g of high quality protein powder to strengthen and build your muscles!

Fuel Bar Smoothies at Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto, ON

Electro-C Charger

Dry skin and flu season got you? Get a glowing complexion and a stronger immune system as you sip on our Electro-C Charger, loaded with vitamin C from our creamy citrus blend of oranges, mangos and strawberries. Known as nature’s sports drink, we added a base of potassium-rich coconut water to help prevent dehydration and muscle cramping after a sweaty workout. We took this golden winner an extra step further by adding turmeric, a superfood spice that helps heal digestive problems and relieves pain and swelling caused by inflammation from regular exercise. The fats and complete protein found in hemp seeds also help reduce inflammation levels, strengthen the immune system and give you steady energy for the rest of your day. We recommend a scoop of protein powder to bump it up to 32g of protein, making this another deliciously filling post workout drink.

Fuel Bar Smoothies at Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto, ON

Red Crusher

Is your liver in need of a tune up? We’ve designed it to help support your liver, the largest internal organ in your body, not to mention one of the hardest working! Whether you’re trying to drop unwanted pounds or flush out unwelcome toxins, you need a healthy liver to make it happen. Our Red Crusher contains liver healing foods such as beets, cranberries, lemon juice, hemp seeds, and spinach. We offer 27 grams of the cleanest protein out there, which is an important component in liver detoxification as it’s role is to drive toxins out and burn excess body fat. Balanced with banana and almond milk to create a creamy texture and natural sweetness, taking care of your liver never tasted so good!

Fuel Bar Smoothies at Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto, ON

Berry Blaster

Do you ever wake up with aching muscles after a workout? If so, tame the inflammation with our Berry Blaster! This sweet and creamy smoothie contains a mix of berries, kale and flax seeds to give you a boost of #antioxidants to help your muscles safely recover and repair. We’ve added banana for the natural sugars and potassium which are also beneficial for recovery. Combine all of this with 27g of high quality protein powder and the result? You’ll feel less stiff, more energized and have even more power for the next workout! Give this smoothie a try and say so long to aching muscles the morning after.