Fit Factory Fitness Class Standards

At Fit Factory Fitness, we pride ourselves in providing clients with a high-intensity workout that will push you to your limits, both physically and mentally. In order to motivate you, maintain the class tempo, prevent injury and re-occurrence of previous injuries, please take note of the following class standards, practices and procedures:

  1. All instructors SCREAM and SHOUT during the entire class. Keep in mind that nothing derogatory will be said, so do not take offence.

  2. Please inform the instructor of any current or past injuries that may affect the safety and/or quality of your workout. At the instructor’s discretion, any client with an injury or condition that is considered inhibiting may be asked to discontinue a training session.

  3. Recovery and water breaks will be given at the instructor’s discretion. Please refrain from taking individual breaks as this can be distracting to the class and/or interrupt an exercise.

  4. Please refrain from talking during class as you might miss important instructions. As well, too much chatter is distracting and can take away from someone else’s training.

  5. Clients are to arrive at least 10 minutes before class time and be ready to work out at start time.

  6. We DO NOT take it easy on first-time clients, as everyone here had a first day and went through exactly what you will be going through.

  7. Give 100% and have fun!


Please be aware that photos and video may be taken/recorded during class for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be filmed, please let front desk know before class.

Please note our Class Scheduling & Cancellation Policy.