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Fit Factory Classes

Boot Camp

Boot camp classes are one hour and guaranteed to make you sweat! Be prepared for a dynamic full body workout that includes interval drills, plyometric, body weight exercises, strength training, and more. This head-to-toe functional training program is designed to be both fun and challenging for all fitness levels! Please bring your running shoes to every class and be prepared to go outside at any time.

*Indoor running shoes mandatory


Get ready for a THROW DOWN! Boxing classes are one hour and designed for all fitness levels. Be prepared for bag work, interval training, and traditional boxing drills. Expect to sculpt your body and leave feeling stronger and faster than you did before!

*Wraps and gloves required
*Glove rentals available (first rental is FREE)
*Indoor running shoes mandatory

Strength & Conditioning

Ready! Set! Pump....but slowly! This class will include everything you need to build strength and more defined muscles. Focus on heavy weights, a slow burn and perfect form. No more than three muscle groups will be trained during this class.
Monday - Chest & Biceps
Tuesday - Legs & Shoulders
Wednesday - Back & Triceps
Thursday to Sunday - Full Body

*Indoor running shoes mandatory

Abs Assault

Get ready for an intense 45 minute core workout. We easily forget how dependent we are on our core muscles not only for training but everyday activities as well. Expect to work those abdominals, obliques and back in this class. You will learn how to activate and strengthen your core muscles to their full potential while burning a substantial amount of calories. A variety of training techniques will be used and each class will be different. This will ensure you are constantly challenged, reduce your chance of plateauing, and maximize your results! These classes will bring you closer to achieving those sexy abs you have always wanted and make your entire body stronger.

*Indoor running shoes mandatory

Lower Combat

Get ready for TAKE OFF! Lower Combat is a TOTAL lower-body workout! Focus on those hard to sculpt areas, and get the legs and butt you have always dreamed of! This 45min toning & muscle building class will definitely leave you feeling the “BURN”!

*Indoor running shoes mandatory



Are you ready for a challenge!? Strap on your MyZone belt and challenge your body to an intense 75 minute heart based workout that will incinerate calories from beginning to end. Be prepared to train at 75-90% of your max heart rate working with all types of equipment. This class is focused on building endurance and getting you into the EPOC zone also known as the “afterburn” which helps you to continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after your workout. Expect to sweat and burn max calories UH-RAH!

*MyZone belt & indoor running shoes mandatory


Fit Factory Fitness

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