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What to Eat to Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

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Are you starving when you wake up in the morning? Does that 3pm slump hit you like clockwork every day? Do you sometimes get so hungry you feel like you’re going to pass out? When you’re angry, do your friends and family members sometimes comment that you must be hungry?

If any of the above examples sound like you, listen up! I’ve got some life changing advice.

I’m going to introduce you to the two hormones that might be taking you on a wild ride every single day. And while you may have heard of them before, what you may not know is that they play a super important role in maintaining a healthy weight.

INSULIN. I’m sure you’ve heard the word. Insulin is the hormone that keeps the level of sugars running around in your blood stream balanced.

So when you eat that piece of birthday cake, or you chow down on that bagel, a surge of insulin is produced in your body to get all that sugar out of the blood stream and into storage. Sugars get stored in your liver, muscles and fat cells. Uh oh, that’s right. Fat!

Basically, your body’s reaction to insulin is “STORE THE SUGAR!”

GLUCAGON does the opposite. When your blood sugar is low, your body releases Glucagon to tell your fat cells to “RELEASE THE SUGAR!” so that you have something to burn for energy.

Glucagon is your fat incinerator!

So, with these two hormones being released in our bodies depending on how much sugar is in our blood, things can get a little crazy!

If you eat too much sugar, you’ll release a lot of insulin. Once the insulin has done its job and your food is all digested, glucagon will come out to try and balance things back out, sending you into a hormonal seesaw!

This hormonal seesaw is what can cause the symptoms I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Plus, you could end up storing excess weight since your hormones are all out of whack and unable to balance out.

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So, how do you avoid this crazy hormonal seesaw? A balanced diet is the key. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat sugar or carbs. It just means that you need to combine that sugar and carbs with protein, fibre and fat too.

Protein, fibre, and healthy fats will slow down the absorption of the sugars, making insulin release more slowly. When insulin slows down, glucagon slows down, and your hormonal seesaw will balance out, making you feel less hangry (hungry + angry) all the time.

So remember! For balanced hormones you need a balanced diet. Make sure to eat every 3-4 hours to avoid further energy dips. Here's a little visual below so you get a better idea. 


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