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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Digestion Today


To cap off the first month of the new year, I’m going to be bringing you lots of actionable nutrition advice to this space, so keep a close watch for my latest monthly posts!

I decided to begin discussing digestion above all because optimal digestion is the root of incredible health. When the gut is in good working order, the benefits include lots of energy, strong hair and nails, smooth skin, a lean body, a fast metabolism, balanced hormones, and the list goes on!

Firstly... where does digestion begin?


Digestion doesn't begin in the stomach, nope, not even in your mouth. It actually begins with your eyes. The glimpse of a tasty looking dish or the aroma sends signals to your brain saying: "Good stuff is on the way." As a result, your brain - the ultimate message centre - shoots out impulses that:
- Make your mouth salivate.
- Make your stomach rumble (contracting and creating hunger pangs).
- Make intestinal glands start leaking digestive chemicals.

All that from a little look and sniff!

5 simple ways to improve your digestion today:
1.) Chew your food until it becomes a paste. Since your stomach doesn’t have teeth, you’ll need to put your chompers into more use and thoroughly grind your food down to a paste before swallowing for better nutrient absorption. When you chew your food properly, your body releases digestive enzymes in the stomach that help to break down food so that your body can convert it into energy. This also helps in reducing bloating when you chew your food properly and prevents you from overeating!

2.) Keep liquids away from your meals. Limit this to only 1 cup to be sipped with your meal, but normally anything beyond that quantity and you’ll be diluting your powerful stomach acid needed to break down your meal.

3.) Take 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar 15 minutes before a meal. Apple cider vinegar is no joke. It contains a high amount of malic and tartaric acids that when consumed speeds up fat and protein breakdown, allowing your stomach to empty effectively. Take 1 tsp (with a splash of water if you can’t stand it) before a meal to help aid in digestion and nutrient assimilation. Especially effective if you tend to feel bloated after meals.

4.) Take probiotics everyday. Probiotics are necessary for optimal digestion because our gut is home to over 500 bacterial species, and probiotics are the healthy, beneficial sources of bacteria which facilitate digestion, provides nutrients, and helps form the immune system. It's important to know that not all probiotics are created equal. If you’d like to learn more about my preferred brand of probiotics, send me an email at for more information.

5.) Eat undistracted. Were you ever in a trance watching tv while eating chips only to look down and realize you’ve got one last handful left? When we don’t pay much attention to what is on our plate because our attention is firmly glued to Netflix, our digestive system quickly takes the back seat because our brain and eyes have decided to focus elsewhere. Challenge yourself at being more mindful with the food on your plate (the smell, the texture, putting your fork down between bites) and you’ll realize that you’ll feel more satisfied and experience better overall digestion.

Kickstart your digestion by making this Happy Digestion Smoothie
Recipe and description from

Star Players:
Ginger: stimulates circulation and digestion and can cut gas and bloating, and alleviate diarrhea.
Pineapple: Contains a compound called bromelain. The protein-digesting enzymes in it help to aid digestion.
Parsley: Rich in vitamins K, C, A, folate, and antioxidants. It's a natural diuretic which can help release water retention. Opt for flat-leaf parsley as it's less bitter than curly parsley. Cilantro would be a nice swap here too!
Lemon: Rich in vitamin C. Aids digestion and helps flush out toxins.
Avocado: Major anti-inflammatory benefits and heart-healthy fats. High in fibre which aids with digestion.


  • 1 c granny smith apple chunks
  • ½ c frozen pineapple chunks
  • 4 kale leaves
  • ¼ c fresh parsley
  • 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 c coconut water
  • 1/4 avocado
  • ½ c ginger tea, cooled down (or use a small knob of fresh ginger with 1/2 cup water)
  • 1 c ice
  • scoop of unflavoured protein powder (optional - add more water if adding the protein)

ADD all ingredients to a blender and puree until smooth. Divide between two glasses and enjoy.

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21 Day New Year Reboot Challenge

Oh, the holidays. A time where we test the elasticity of our stomachs and our tolerance to alcohol (and family members). As much as we had a blast gathering around with our loved ones as we feasted around the clock, what's done is done and the New Year is our time to move forward and give our bodies a rest from the over indulgences. The aftermath of the festive season may have left you feeling bloated, tired, and with several unwanted pounds. If you are feeling like you want to scrub out your insides and clean up your diet, a nutritionist-tested detox is the best solution to reset your body by eliminating all the built up toxins.

But what are toxins anyway?

A toxin is a chemical or poison that is known to have harmful effects on the body. Toxins can come from additives in our food, pesticides on our produce, toxic contaminants in our water, chemicals found in household products, and toxic compounds from environmental pollution.

Sometimes we willingly expose ourselves to even more toxins like alcohol, cigarette smoke, sugar, and junk food. Good news is that our bodies are specifically designed to remove those toxins through organs like the liver and kidneys and eliminate them in the form of sweat, urine, and feces. However, the unfortunate news is that because of lifestyle, food, and environmental burdens in our modern society, our bodies have trouble keeping up with this bombardment of daily toxic exposure. This is where signs and symptoms in our bodies reveal themselves, which can include:

  • trouble losing weight
  • brain fog
  • unexplained exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • unexplained headaches
  • mood swings
  • bad body odour
  • constipation
  • muscle aches and pains
  • skin reactions or allergies
  • depression
  • reduced libido
  • sensitivity to scents
  • indigestion/bloating

This 3-week challenge is designed to help you:

  • eliminate cravings
  • detoxify your body from all the excess sugar, carbs, and alcohol
  • shed the holiday pounds... and then some!
  • increase energy
  • improve performance in your workouts
  • improve your sleep
  • heal digestive system complaints
  • improve bowel function
  • ramp up metabolism

What you will receive:

  • Recipe meal plan to follow for the 21 days. Simple for anybody to prepare, even with very little experience! These are nutrient dense meals created to continually cleanse and regenerate your body, and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Grocery List of approved foods (free from dairy, gluten, and sugar)
  • A list of key foods and supplements to further aid in cleansing your body
  • A step-by-step guide that explains what foods to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat in order to cleanse your body and encourage fat loss, all while retaining your hard-earned muscles.
  • Tips on how to avoid reintroducing toxins in your body
  • Educational handouts to explain why certain foods and techniques are being used in this program so that you not only follow it, but you understand it.
  • Accountability, Motivation and Support from unlimited access to my private Facebook group community. This is where you can ask me ANY of your health and nutrition related questions 24/7. Share your wins and struggles with like-minded members.

A quick word on other detox programs:

Detox programs usually recommend diet plans with less emphasis on protein foods. They encourage raw fruits, raw vegetables, high fibre whole grains, nuts, seeds, or trendy juice cleanses. However, the function of proteins in our body is to repair, renew, and improve immune function. Therefore it would be counter productive to deny our bodies of protein when we need to heal it by detoxing. Within my program, I encourage protein in the meal plans in order for you to achieve the greatest results! This program can be adjusted for vegans/vegetarians.

More benefits from my challenge:
At the end of these 21 days you will feel lighter and more empowered to continue on this healthy lifestyle, where day-to-day food decisions don't overwhelm you. You will know exactly how to put together a healthy meal that helps to continually nourish and cleanse your body because you have been guided for 21 days so that in the end you can finally feel confident with your food choices and eating habits.

"Maya was great in getting me back on track to a healthy lifestyle. Her approach is not focused on dieting but rather finding a sustainable eating lifestyle. My experience working with Maya completely exceeded my expectation, so if you are looking to change your life, health and glow from inside out, then you must go to Maya."

"Not only have I shredded 8 pounds without counting a calorie, I’ve developed a new appreciation of food and the importance of putting the right fuel into my body. I’ve really enjoyed working with Maya because changing my eating hasn’t been “going a diet” but a lifestyle change that I will continue to pursue. Maya’s directions of meals and snacks are easy to make and convenient for my very busy lifestyle."

"At the time I was following the meal plans you would find in men's health magazines but they left me feeling hungry and I felt like I lacked the fuel to push myself to the next level. That's when I went to Maya, she helped me correct some misconceptions I had on which foods were good for maintaining intense workouts. She even gave me advice on how to prepare myself for upcoming obstacle races. My experience with Maya was phenomenal."

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I am 100% confident that you will get incredible results! And I look forward to personally supporting you towards increased energy, improved digestion, and a leaner you!!