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Winston Ing

Winston Ing instructs the following:
  • Technical Boxing
  • Technical Boxing classes are designed for all fitness levels. Be prepared for bag work, interval training and traditional boxing drills. This class will teach you a variety of boxing techniques and skills. We will be building on those skills class by class and week by week therefore consistent attendance is recommended! Get ready for a THROWDOWN!
    *Wraps, gloves, indoor running shoes mandatory
    *Glove rentals available

  • Boxing
  • Get ready for a THROW-DOWN!

    This class is 1 hour of boxing drills and maneuvers. You'll be working up a sweat with the gloves on! Running shoes, boxing gloves and hand wraps are mandatory.

    *First time glove rental is free
    *Boxing gloves may be rented or purchased in studio
    *Hand wraps are mandatory and may be purchased in the studio