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Geoff Wintonyk

Geoff Wintonyk instructs the following:
  • Boxing
  • Get ready for a THROW-DOWN!

    This class is 1 hour of boxing drills and maneuvers. You'll be working up a sweat with the gloves on! Running shoes, boxing gloves and hand wraps are mandatory.

    *First time glove rental is free
    *Boxing gloves may be rented or purchased in studio
    *Hand wraps are mandatory and may be purchased in the studio

  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Ready to train like an athlete? Test yourself with our all new athletic conditioning class. We will be using a variety of HIIT training techniques to improve overall strength, explosiveness, agility, balance and reaction time! If you are ready to train at your highest level, compete and give 110%, this class is for you!

    *Indoor running shoes mandatory

  • Boot Camp
  • Boot camp classes are guaranteed to make you sweat! Be prepared for a dynamic full body workout that includes interval drills, plyometric, body weight exercises, strength training, and more. This head-to-toe functional training program is designed to be both fun and challenging for all fitness levels! Please bring your running shoes to every class and be prepared to go outside at any time.

    *Indoor running shoes mandatory

  • Strength (Pull & Legs)
  • This class provides you with the tools you need to build and strengthen your pull muscles in your upper body, core region and your legs. We will specifically target your biceps, back and legs. We will use a variety of equipment and movements to keep your muscles challenged. Proper form and technique will be taught ensuring you achieve maximum results.

    *Be sure to pay attention to the title of the class to see what muscle groups we are focusing on that class.

    *Indoor running shoes mandatory