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I joined Fit Factory this past September and it has been a complete game changer for me. After breaking my left wrist while spraining my right one last July in an awkward baseball slide, I endured a summer of inactivity and mental frustration. Following an athletic career plagued with broken bones and surgery, the thought of having to rebuild myself once again was a daunting task.

Out of shape and in need of a change, I decided to take advantage of the one-month promo at FFF to kick start things again. Admittedly, my main goal was to use this as a “quick fix” for my upcoming Southeast Asia adventure so I could go shirts off at the beaches in good conscience. I excitedly walked into my first boot camp and left not long after, overwhelmed and unable to finish the class.

Humbled and determined, I made the decision to use this as an opportunity to embark on a lifestyle change that would bring me more confidence, energy and the fitness results I desired. I quickly finished off my ten classes and the results seen after such a short period of time made signing up for the full-year membership a no-brainer.

The class structure at FF has allowed me to create a routine around my busy schedule and prevent me from making excuses to skip the gym. No matter how tired or sluggish you feel going into a workout, the energy brought on by everyone around you is enough to get you over that hump!

The facility, staff, management and instructors are all fantastic. Imran, Kurt, Mike, Jenny, Jess and Geoff are always there to challenge you whether they are leading the class or breaking a sweat right beside you.

Someone once told me that you can’t have a physical transformation without a mental one. Part of my mental transformation has been learning to accept that ten-second countdowns are longer at Fit Factory than anywhere else in the world, making it that much more gratifying once you get to zero!

- Robbie V.
I started my journey with Fit Factory Fitness in May of 2016. During my first boot camp class, I realized that in addition to my physical appearance not being where I wanted it to be, my physical and mental strength is what I needed to focus more on.

When Imran asked the class to do a push up without putting our knees on the floor, all I was thinking at that moment was "how can I do this?". Today I can do 10x as many without a problem. My goal now is to be able to clap when I do a push up.

Fit Factory Fitness helped me realize that I can do anything that I put my mind to - any exercise, for any amount of time, as long I really want it. They also taught me that one second is never really one second lol. Thank you Fit Factory team for helping me achieve my goals.

- Najla F.
2016 was a year of transformation for me. Rewind back to spring 2015 when a group of friends and I decided that 2015 would be the year of change for all of us. It was supposed to be a summer of fitness and weight-loss, a summer of friendly strength and cardio challenges; and to wrap it all up we pinky-swore to compete as a team in one of the many fall marathons or fitness challenges. Except for cheersing to the idea and pounding back a pint, we did none of that!

Without the knowledge, discipline or motivation within my group of busy friends I was lost in my quest for fitness and just kept putting it off. I was angry – not at my friends but at myself for not taking the next steps to achieve my goals. The problem wasn’t entirely motivation - I was very eager to start my metamorphosis I just didn’t know where to begin.This is where Fit Factory Fitness became the perfect fit!

I signed up for the 1 month trial in early 2016 and was blown away by their high energy workout atmosphere. From the level of enthusiasm in the trainers, the never-ending encouragement from your peers and the choice of small to medium to large class sizes, FFF quickly became clutch.
I was reluctant to join a regular gym and aimlessly lift weights without guidance, I didn’t want to get injured or get bored from the routine grind you’d find at a big box gym. I needed the push! Attending the well thought-out exercise classes at Fit Factory quickly became a fun hobby-like lifestyle that I actually looked forward to attending.

FFF allowed me to get the perfect balance of high intense bodyweight cardio classes on the weekdays; and also got me lifting in their weekend strength and endurance classes. It was the perfect combination that helped me gain lean muscle mass and burn up calories all within 1 hour. I got addicted to seeing results and making new friends.

Don’t be like me in 2015. A year from now you'll wish you had started today!

- Alok G.

I have always considered myself to be an 'active' person, but never realized I wasn't pushing myself hard enough! I was trying different gyms and trainers, playing sports and running with my track team. I was constantly discouraged because very seldom had I seen progress.

In July, Carlo continued to nag me about coming to this 'insane' boot camp class with him. I finally decided to give it a shot, and realized very quickly I was never active enough. I was never pushing myself to the limits. Push-ups off my knees before Fit Factory was never on my to-do list.

I have never been more challenged and more motivated in my life. Working out was always a chore, now I cannot wait to sign up for the next weeks' classes! Thanks to the amazing trainers Imran, Geoff and Kurt who continue to push me out of my comfort zone and yell at me constantly to keep going, and to my Fit Factory squad who motivate me and hold me accountable in and out of the studio...Thank you for pushing me to do things I never thought I could!

- Misty R.

Over the past month I've taken the time to prioritize my health with a committed Fit Factory Boot Camp and Strength Training schedule, dry January, and Maya's 21 Day New Year Reboot Challenge, and I couldn't be happier with the results! In such a short period of time I have lost 15 pounds, gained muscle, and reduced my body fat from 20% to 18%. The challenge was much easier and tastier than I expected, and has ingrained invaluable cooking and eating habits that are here to stay!

Outside of feeling great, shedding weight and gaining strength has enabled me to play volleyball weekly with significantly reduced tendon and knee pain, and able to move quicker, jump higher, play longer, and hit harder! In a few days I officially join the mid-thirties club, but in the past month I feel like I've leaped back into my twenties.

- Taylor H.

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